On her

I think the sole purpose of this girl's existence is to drive me crazy. Why?

On paying attention

"Water can take the form of Ice, Steam or Liquid". It's all water.Sometimes what you are looking for comes right at you, but you do not see it. Why? Because it takes a different form. Pay atttention.

On the wisdom of Crowds

How to use the wisdom of Crowds when faced with a decision to make. 1) See what the crowd is doing in order to achieve any goal. 2) Do the opposite.

On Flowers

If you are set on finding Roses you will end up missing out on the beauty of Orchids, Tulips, Lilacs, Lilies, Wildflowers :) and more.

On thinking

Think. Think about it. No, I am not saying Listen to the voice instead your head. Think.

on having a back up plan

Back up plans always work because once you have one you have introduced the possibility of failure. I have one phrase for you "Plan B is to re-enforce Plan A".

On Intentions, Pleasure, Happiness

Before taking actions it is important to answer the "why?" question. "Why am I doing this?". Why am I going to work? I think we should all act like kids and ask ourselves "why" one million times.

Intentions should always trace back to the source reason. This "source reason" is not usually the one you first think of. For example ask a person why they work and they are likely to respond "I have a mortgage to pay". That is one answer, yet not the source reason. Go back and ask "why do you have a house?" then the answer changes to "I have a family and I want to keep a roof on their head". Ok let's digg deeper "Why do you do this for your family?", answer "Because I am their mom and I want to keep them happy", "why do you keep want to keep them happy?", answer "Because it is my job as a mom" "Why did you decide to take the job of being a mom", "Because I wanted to bring someone to this world" "why?","Because I am married to someone I love and we wanted kids". You again, "Why?". Them "Because it makes me happy". Bingo. All intentions can be traced back to happiness. Even when you do something that could hurt you in the benefit of others. You are making them happy because ultimately it makes you happy to see them happy. Hence happiness is the route of all our actions day in, day out.

Knowing this then it becomes quite important to define what happiness is to us. One common mistake it to think that accumulating pleasure will ultimately bring happiness. For example having sex is pleasurable, but that pleasures last a specific amount of time (believe me, I would love for it to last a lifetime), and then you are back to your original state. Pleasure is dangerous, although that is a whole 'nother write up alltogether. It is similar to getting high which is why you always go back and seek more. Pleasure is your physical state, Happiness is a state of your mind. Happiness is the equilibrium, the state in which nothing matters, but everything matters. I could not go further than this because I have not reached happiness yet. I assume being happy would mean living alone would be just the same as living with loved ones, being the most attractive woman on earth would be just the same as being the least attractive woman in high school, being loved would be the same as being hated and you would love both individuals equally. Happyness, I believe, is your boyfriend of 5 years leaves you only to be engaged to soemoene else in less than 4 months and you are still in the same state as when you were together.

During the religious conquests era a group of powerful citizen and politicians ordered the capture of a somewhat troublesome (to them) religious leader. Scared, his followers ask him to hide or run away. He told them he was comfortable where he was and he would not be going anywhere. Confused they ask him if he wasn't scared for his life. He simply responded "What can they do to me? I will always be happy no matter where I am. If they emprisonned me I will be alone and that will give me more time with GOD. If they kill me, well I will die a martyr and I will be with GOD eternely, if they leave me here I will keep on doing what I am doing now. Either ways I am satisfied." This sounds like happiness to me.

Are you happy?

on assumptions.

Assuming is possibly the source of all your problems with others. Stop assuming. You can't read minds, so Ask. Others can't read yours , so Talk.

on when

When your siblings say "It's time to talk". When your friends stop inviting you. When your friend says "It's not you, it's me". And leaves. When the email you have been waiting for finally hits your Inbox and it's a NO. When your calls remain unanswered. When weekends and weekdays are the same. When life proves you you were wrong for thinking yesterday was the worst day because today is a new record....When signs like these start to drop you can be smart and STOP.

As for us, we went pass that point. We can tell you what is at the end of the tunnel. It's a cliff and everyone falls. We got there and looked behind knowing we could go back. It wasn't too late. So We JUMPED. Without parachutes. We find it exciting to learn how to "build a plane on the way down". If we hit bottom before we get to it, we won't know. We will be dead.

on becoming a man

one day the boy wakes up. Maybe he is 15 years old, maybe 40. This day, he feels differently. He looks in the mirror and sees not who he is, but who he should be. He stares. He mentally pens a set of rules, his own Coran. He designs his world the way it should be. He promises he won't break thse guidelines (not knowing he will, but that is not the point). Noone will be allowed to break them (someone will and he will be happy they have, but that is besides the point). From this point on he no longer has to adapt to the rest of the world. The world adapts itself to his blueprint. Who designed the world you live in?

on being average

The worst thing that can happen in one's life is to become average. Average is the curse of all curses. Do not do things the normal way. Break the rules if you feel like it. Stand out. But try not to be different, just for the sake of it. Be unique because it matters and because that is how you truly feel in the moment.
"Be something. Anything. So long as you aren't average".

on limitations

Imagine you are somewhere public and think of something really funny. If you are any normal you will laugh. But the truth is you won't because you are sadly self aware and you don't want others to think you are delusional. You do this while knowing that on a good day most of them don't give a fuck care about you. If you start laughing for no apparent reason, something has to be wrong with you. This is the way you live your life. The way of limitations.

You have limited yourself from fully living it. Lying to the guy/gal on the mirror everyday, you say you are happy and normal, yet you continuously rob yourself of the very expression of your happiness. Even worse, you don't do it for self control - you do it to not look stupid. Do you realize you will most likely never see those people again. And if you know them and still fear looking like an idiot in their presence, then you are basically ....well, fucked have a problem... You are so fucked messed up, and there is nothing you will do about it. You will just take it for the rest of your sad life .... You can stop reading here and leave since I insulted you.... It's ok, I won't know you were here, just go .....

But you didn't, because you are smart and you are not fucked. Or at least you are ready to do something about it. Just like me, there is just no one to give you a kick in the arse. See, my friend, we have collectively fucked the world. We now live in a place where limitations rule. They say every action in life, even hatred, comes from Love. Surprisingly, if you show too much love, you are considered lunatic. Doubt it? Go to work tomorrow morning and stop by someone's desk. With a big fucking lovely smile on your face ask how they are doing today. Tell them you are glad you work with them, and offer to invite them to lunch today. If that person doesn't call security, they will start to watch you very closely. They will probably not go to lunch with you and if they do, they suspect you need something from them. Yes, you are not allowed to be happy to see someone for nothing.

Here is another one "we don't like the guy/gal who likes us a lot". What the fuck is wrong with us, man? We don't. We freak out. We want a friendship or a relationship that grows naturally. Something predictable. "We don't want to move to fast". This is as if people knew they have 100 years to live. I thought like this too for a while, until I didn't.

Do you a favor and drop the limitations. Work like a dog on that project. If you do not feel like leaving before finishing, don't. Sleep like a baby. Take a fucking nap, wake up at five, go for a walk, then go back to the office at 7pm if you want. For Love's sake love passionately or be loved passionately. Fall in love instantly if you may. If anything most relationships fail, so that should be a sign: If it grows normally, it will die just like the previous ones. Want to take a drive around the city at 2AM, do it. Want to go to the lake, don't wait for the weekend, take the day off and go. And for the love of everything that is dear to your sanity, if you want to laugh while in public, FUCKING LAUGH, MAAAAAAN.

What am I doing right now? I either am making coffee, writing my book, or working on

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, or....

House 75k, Bicycle $100, Watch $25, and a $20M for the plane...(August 2009)

I had a very interesting conversation with a few friends. Apparently they were under the stupid impression that money does not make you happy. Fuck that. It does.Even more interesting, I went home and watch “Boiler Room” and sure enough Ben Affleck made sure to remind only 15 minutes within the movie. (Edit:Jul 2011) They were right. However money buys you a fuck load of pleasure. So if you have a lot of dough, you can keep buying pleasure until you have the mental capacity to transfer to a zone of happiness.

Now I must admit that I do not always understand the way people spend their money. I fundamentally am against buying things just so you can show others. Humility man. Please. So I am not going to say I think your spending habits are fucking stupid. Who am I to say that?

I am more than comfortable with paying a few hundreds for a pair of nice jeans. I do not think I will pay anything close to that anymore. I simply have not seen anything that I like enough to justify the cost. Meanwhile the 2006 J Crews and the fresh Hanes shirt will do just fine. Millionairre or Thousandnaire.

"Will you buy a mansion?" one asked. No. Fuck No. I honestly do not see anything the Rocio Romero is lacking for my immediate need. So that s what I will buy. 75k to 125K should do, land included. I will also buy me one of those light ass schwimm schwinn (I stand corrected, by a beautiful lady) bikes, an old harley and a classic american muscle. All and all 200k[ (Edit 2011) Ok Maybe 350k ] will do me just fine. The only piece of luxury I would buy would want is a fucking Jet. Yup. No mansion, no hotels, no hookers (ok maybe high class hookers :) ). Just a fucking jet. Why? Convenience. I may not care about the jeans or shoes, my girl masters in that field. But I gotta have a jet to commute properly. I am spontaneous. If I want to go to south America, I want to go. Not plan to go.

That s it. That is the only piece of luxury I would ever get. Anything shiny the ladies can have.

Do it.